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Basic precautions for protective clothing

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Protective clothing is mainly used in firefighting, military, shipping, petroleum, chemical, painting, cleaning and disinfection, laboratories and other industries and departments. At present, the virus spreads rapidly, and frontline medical staff need to wear protective clothing for rescue work, which will be described in detail below Here are the precautions for protective clothing.

Basic precautions for protective clothing

Basic precautions for protective clothing

Medical protective clothing is disposable. Medical protective clothing has good moisture permeability and barrier properties, can effectively resist the penetration of alcohol, blood, body fluids, air dust particles, bacteria, is safe and convenient to use, can effectively protect the wearer from infection threats, is comfortable to wear, and feels good , Strong tensile strength, breathable and waterproof, no cross infection, etc.

How long can protective clothing generally last? Working in the isolation and intensive care unit, you need to wear protective clothing at all times. The protective clothing needs to be changed every 4 hours. Since prolonged exposure to the isolation ward will cause the protective clothing to carry viruses, you need to take special care when taking off the protective clothing. note. Before taking off the protective clothing, you need to enter a special room, wash your hands with a disinfectant, and then take off the protective mask. You must wash your hands with a six-step hand washing method for each layer, and then take it off layer by layer. When you are inside, wash your hands every time you take them off. After you take them off, you need to wash your hands more than three times with running water, then wash your face, clean your nose, ears and ears, and finally take a bath in the dressing room before you come out. It takes 50 minutes to complete.

Can the protective clothing be reused? If it is a disposable protective clothing, it is recommended to throw it away after using it once and do not wash it again. Because it is designed to be used only once. If you go to wash. Then it destroys the structure of its fabric. The second use may not provide protection. If it is non-disposable protective clothing, it is not recommended to personally clean it. It needs to be cleaned and disinfected by professionals in a special organization.

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